Adobe Certificates of Completion for students

After completing the course, every student receives a Certificate of Completion. The certificate is issued by Adobe Systems with the signature of Kim Peretti, director of Adobe Training Services. The certificate is the same for all the Adobe Training Partners worldwide. That means it does not matter whether you attended your course in USA, Japan, Serbia or online, as far as it is delivered by Adobe Authorized Training Partner.

Certificates are sent via email to each and every student individually as PDF document. After receiving the certificate, the student may print it, email it, etc. Here is how the certificate of completion looks like.

Adobe Certificate of Completion provided by Adobe authorised partners only.


  1. Realice un curso sobre Photoshop e ilustrador en línea con la empresa bonimac en Bolivia, no terminaron de impartir el curso y me enviaron un certificado con la firma de Kim Peretti, es válido este curso?

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