Adobe Animate course (basic level)

Adobe Animate (former Flash) is a popular program for making animations targeted for the web. In Animate you can make everything from web banners, cartoons, educational animations, interactive presentations, games, etc. Over 90% games on the web are made in Adobe Animate. Besides that, you can export your project for Android and iOS devices.

What will I learn on this course?

The primary objective of the course is making simple web animation and web banner. You will also, learn how to save your project in different animation and video formats.

Who should attend this course?

Web designers, UI/UX designers, game designers, animators.

Are there any prerequisites needed for this course?

It is required to have some basic computer knowledge e.g creating folders, moving files from one folder to another, etc.

I have a certain knowledge of web design and animation, should I take the advanced course right away?

You should carefully study the course plan, and decide whether you should take the basic level course first, or you can skip it, and take the advanced level course right away. If you have already mastered at least 70% of the topics of the basic course, there is no need for you to take the basic course. Those few topics that you haven’t covered thru your work we can cover on the advanced course, and upgrade it. If there are more than 30% topics that you are not familiar with, or that you are feeling quite uncertain about them than you should take the basic course first, but since you have mastered some parts of the application it will last shorter than the regular basic course, and the price will be reduced.

Is there a possibility to listen to this Animate course via the internet?

Yes, you can take the course via the internet (online). Whether you are not from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe, or you simply prefer the comfort of your home while learning, you can attend an online course. You can find more info on the Internet courses page.

How long does it last and what is the price of the course?

For more info on that please go to our Pricelist page.

I’d like to attend this course. I want to enquire.

Please visit our Contact page and fill in your contact information or write us an email. You may expect to be contacted soon.

Adobe Animate course plan


  • Creating a new document
  • Arranging a UI
  • Working with multiple documents

Drawing basics

  • Basic shapes
  • Pen tool
  • Selecting and manipulating objects
  • Brushes
  • Drawing modes
  • Manipulating objects

Working with colors

  • Color Mixer
  • Gradients
  • Color Swatches

Working with text

  • Various types of text
  • Working with text

Working with images

  • Importing various types of images
  • Manipulating images


  • Layers and their basic properties
  • Frame and Keyframe
  • Working with multiple frames

Symbols and Library panel

  • What are the symbols and what is their purpose
  • Manipulating symbols
  • Symbol types

Animation basics

  • Shape Tween
  • Shape Hints
  • Classic Tween
  • Copy and Paste Motion
  • Animating along the path
  • Ease in and Ease out


  • Filter types and properties
  • Filters in animation

Working with audio

  • Adding audio in Timeline
  • Effects
  • Sync menu
  • Assigning sounds to buttons
  • Audio compression

Testing and publishing files

Official Adobe Flash course text book.

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