Print design all-in-one course (advanced level)

The Print design course, all-in-one (advanced level) is a course that combines 3 advanced level courses: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Who should attend it?

Graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, whoever needs prepress, printing and publishing. But, this is course primarily intended for people who feel comfortable when working in Illustrator, but they think that for some topics  they need additional clarification. It is recommended that an attendee has at least 200 hours experience in print and prepress design.

Are there any necessary prerequisites for this course?

To be able to follow thru this course, it is necessary that you are very familiar with topics covered in  Photoshop basic courseIllustrator basic courseInDesign basic course.

Is there a possibility of taking this course online (over the internet)?

Yes, you can take the course via the internet (online). Whether you are not from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe, or you simply prefer the comfort of your home while learning, you can attend an online course. You can find more info on the Internet courses page.

How long does it last and what is the price of the course?

For more info on that please go to our Pricelist page.

I’d like to attend this course. I want to enquire.

Please visit our Contact page and fill in your contact information or write us an email. You may expect to be contacted soon.

Print design all in one advanced course plan

Part I – Photoshop

Selections and mask in depth

  • Selection tools – brief overview,
  • Quick mask tool,
  • Pen tool selection,
  • Selection using text tools,
  • Saving selections and Channels panel,
  • Manipulation with channels,
  • Retouching tools and selections (dodge, burn, blur, sharpen, brush…),
  • Masks: vector and bitmap masks,
  • Selecting hair and fur,
  • Situations when you don’t need selections.

Non-destructive image processing

  • Layers panel
  • Applying colour,
  • Retouching tools and Sample All Layers option,
  • Layer via Copy
  • Masks as a replacement for eraser tool,
  • History Brush,
  • Layer styles,
  • Smart objects and Smart Filters,
  • Content Aware FiIl

Design in Photoshop

  • Vector drawing tools,
  • Manipulating with vector objects,
  • Paths and Paths panel,
  • Creative use of text,
  • Importing vector shapes from other applications and from the internet.

Blend modes in-depth look

  • Normal and Dissolve,
  • Darken modes,
  • Lighten modes,
  • Contrast modes,
  • Invert modes,
  • Modes for changing particular colour components.


  • Filters for image enhancement,
  • Artistic filters,
  • Smart filters.

Task automating

  • Actions panel
  • Saving actions,
  • Problems with actions and solutions for them,
  • Image Processor, Batch processing etc.

Creating panorama images

Working with HDR Images

Part II – Illustrator


  • Blob brush,
  • Paintbrush,
  • Brush types and creating brush presets,
  • Brush presets that ship with Illustrator,
  • Brushes from the web.


  • Tools for working with symbols,
  • Types of symbols,
  • Symbols that ship with Illy,
  • Creating custom symbols,
  • Symbols in web design,
  • Symbols in graphic design.

3D in Illustrator

  • Tools that use perspective,
  • 3D effects.

Blend modes and Opacity

  • Blend modes,
  • Opacity in Illustrator in detail,
  • Opacity masks.

Object menu

  • Expand and Expand Appearance,
  • Path submenu,
  • Blend submenu,
  • Envelope distort,
  • Perspective,
  • Live Paint,
  • Live Trace,
  • Text Wrap,
  • Compound Path,
  • Artboards – working with multipage documents,

Using Actions for task automation

Illustrator for web design

  • Basic rules of web design,
  • Slice tools
  • Save for web and Devices
  • SVG and .swf

Part III – InDesign

Creating complex documents

  • Dividing a document into multiple files (chapters),
  • Book file and linking multiple chapters into a book,
  • Editing styles,
  • Creating table of contents,
  • Inserting links,
  • Footnotes and endnotes.

Find/Change window and autocorrect options

  • Text,
  • GREP,
  • Glyph,

Working with tables

  • Creating a table,
  • Manipulation with cells, rows and columns,
  • Header and Footer of the table.

Effects in-depth look

Styles in-depth look

  • Character and paragraph styles,
  • Object styles,
  • Table and Cell styles.

Publishing ePUB files (eBooks)

  • What you can use, and what you cannot use in eBooks,
  • Order of objects on the page,
  • Creating a table of contents,
  • Creating tables,
  • Adding metadata,
  • Inserting graphics objects created in InDesign,
  • Creating a front page,
  • Exporting files in ePUB file types,
  • Validating an ePUB file,
  • Publishing file on the internet.

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