Adobe Photoshop for architects

Course description

This course is intended for people coming from an architectural background. There are no prerequisites for this course, but any knowledge of graphics-based applications will be an asset. The course covers some intermediate and advanced topics from image processing but it is generally intended for people who have no prior knowledge of the Adobe Photoshop. The course is mainly oriented on the processing of static renders. Mastering Adobe Photoshop at least on an intermediate level is necessary if you want to make your renders prominent. The course plan that is listed below is a reference, but the plan can be changed according to the specific needs of the students.

Course plan

  1. Color spaces,
  2. Color channels and alpha channel,
  3. Color and tonal corrections,
  4. Making of the logo,
  5. Creating textures,
  6. Creating content that has an Alpha channel,
  7. Compositing,
  8. Saving and exporting content – file formats.

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