Adobe Illustrator course (basic level)

Adobe Illustrator is the most famous program for drawing and graphic design. With Illustrator you can design almost anything, from a postage stamp to a billboard. You can work with documents with up to 100 pages, which is fine for magazines and catalogues. It is, also, a good choice for web design. Although Photoshop is more popular, Illustrator is significantly easier to learn and has more creative tools than Photoshop. That is why it makes it a better choice for beginners and artists.

What will I learn on this course?

The primary objective of the course graphic design and drawing. You will learn how to design:

  • logo
  • business card
  • poster
  • flyer
  • billboard
  • catalogue

Who should attend this course?

Graphic designers, prepress operators, illustrators and painters, and anyone else who is in contact with designers on a regular basis.

Are there any prerequisites needed for this course?

It is required to have some basic computer knowledge e.g creating folders, moving files from one folder to another, etc.

I have a certain knowledge of graphic design, should I take an advanced course right away?

You should carefully study the course plan, and decide whether you should take the basic level course first, or you can skip it, and take the advanced level course right away. If you have already mastered at least 70% of the topics of the basic course, there is no need for you to take the basic course. Those few topics that you haven’t covered thru your work we can cover on the advanced course, and upgrade it. If there are more than 30% topics that you are not familiar with, or that you are feeling quite uncertain about them than you should take a basic course first, but since you have mastered some parts of the application it will not last shorter than a regular basic course, and the price will be reduced.

Is there a possibility to listen to this Illustrator course via the internet?

Yes, you can take the course via the internet (online). Whether you are not from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe, or you simply prefer the comfort of your home while learning, you can attend an online course. You can find more info on the Internet courses page.

How long does it last and what is the price of the course?

For more info on that please go to our Pricelist page.

I’d like to attend this course. I want to enquire.

Please visit our Contact page and fill in your contact information or write us an email. You may expect to be contacted soon.

Adobe Illustrator course plan

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

  • About Illustrator
  • Vectors and bitmaps
  • Workspaces
  • Basic settings


  • Drawing of basic shapes
  • Selecting objects, moving, rotating and scaling
  • Freehand drawing (pencil, brush, blob brush, live paint)
  • Pen tool
  • Basic manipulations with objects


  • Layers basics
  • Organizing objects with layers
  • Clipping masks

Working with multiple objects

  • Grouping objects
  • Pathfinder panel, Shapebuilder tool
  • Guidelines and grid
  • Aligning objects

Object Stroke

  • Basic stroke options and operations with stroke
  • Brushes
  • Creating outlines
  • Stroke color

Color theory essentials

  • Color modes: RGB, CMYK and Grayscale
  • Other color modes
  • Pantone, RAL, NCS and other color matching systems
  • Calibrating the monitor
  • Color Settings

Object Fill

  • Fill color
  • Gradients, styles and textures
  • Mesh Fill tool
  • Color picker tool, bucket and measure tool


  • Text basic options
  • Point type tool
  • Area type tool, Text on a path tool
  • Character, Paragraph, Glyph and Open Type panels

Bitmap basics

  • Differences between vectors and bitmaps
  • Problems when using bitmaps
  • Placing images in Illustrator
  • Linking images
  • Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Effects on bitmaps

Additional tools

  • Symbol Sprayer and Column Graph tools

Most commonly used effects in graphic design

  • Blend tool
  • Effects menu (Illustrator and Photoshop effects)

Prepress and printing

  • Printing process and printing technology basics
  • Prepress: bleed, registration marks, trim marks, color bars
  • Saving artwork as: AI, EPS, TIFF and PDF file types
Official Adobe Illustrator course text book

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