Email newsletter creation in Dreamweaver (HTML i CSS)

Email newsletters are one of the cheapest ways to promote your business today. During this course, we will use Adobe Dreamweaver, one of the most popular web coding tools today. It is well integrated with other Adobe programs used for making websites (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate…). That is why many designers prefer using Dreamweaver over other popular code editors.

What will I learn on this email newsletter creation course?

The primary objective of the course making an email newsletter. You will learn about HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver along the way. You will, as well, learn how to upload your email newsletter on the internet so everyone could see it in case it does not display properly in some of the email clients.

Who should attend this course?

Web designers, small business owners, marketing experts, etc. If you need to promote any kind of service via email, this is the right course for you.

I’ve never coded in HTML and CSS. Are there any prerequisites needed for this course?

It is required to have some basic computer knowledge e.g creating folders, moving files from one folder to another, etc. Nothing more than that.

Is there a possibility to listen to this email newsletter creation course via the internet?

Yes, you can take the course via the internet (online). Whether you are not from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe, or you simply prefer the comfort of your home while learning, you can attend an online course. You can find more info on the Internet courses page.

How long does it last and what is the price of the course?

For more info on that please go to our Pricelist page.

I’d like to attend this course. I want to enquire.

Please visit our Contact page and fill in your contact information or write us an email. You may expect to be contacted soon.

Email newsletters course outline


  • What are email newsletters
  • Emal newsletter vs. regular HTML web page
  • Dreamweaver workspace
  • Files panel and working with files

Working with text

  • Creating text – typing it or importing it from other applications (MS Word)
  • Web typography basics
  • Hypertext and hyperlinks
  • Internal, external and anchor links
  • Formatting text and links

Working with images

  • Image optimization for web
  • GIF, JPEG, PNG, animated GIF
  • Preparing images for the Web in Photoshop
  • Save for Web command
  • Integration of Dreamweaver and Photoshop
  • Slice tool, slicing the content
  • Inserting an image on the webpage
  • Images as links


  • Basic workflow with tables
  • Adding text and images
  • Positioning elements with tables

CSS (Cascade style sheets)

  • CSS basics
  • Using CSS for text formatting
  • Using CSS for formating images

Adding details

  • Opening a new window
Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book

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