Autodesk Certificates

There are two basic types of Certificates for Autodesk products the first, and more popular type is Autodesk Certificates, and the second type is Certiport certificates.

Autodesk certificate that course attendees get has been signed by Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. That is a Certificate of completion. The certificate is in pdf format, and it is proof that an attendee has successfully completed a course led by an Autodesk instructor for that software, in compliance with official Autodesk course-ware.

All Certificates look the same, but everyone has a unique ID number. There is another type of Autodesk certificates that guarantees a minimum level of knowledge for a certain application. That is an Autodesk Certified professional certificate. It guarantees that a person who owns it had been working for a minimum of 400 hours in a specified application. To get it, you have to pass an Autodesk Certified Professional exam.

All Autodesk certified professionals are enlisted in a database on the Autodesk website. Autodesk certified professionals can use an Autodesk logo. For more information, you can visit


You can find Autodesk professionals at


There are also Certiport certificates for Autodesk products, for more information, you can visit


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