Online training (distance learning)

In summer 2014. Adobe changed the policy about Adobe Authorised Training Centers (AATCs). Their requirements are now more strict and the number of companies that offer Adobe authorised courses decreased significantly. If you are not able to attend a course in some AATC personally, and you are interested in a quality course with original Adobe certificate afterwards, the only alternative is an online course or distance learning.

How does it all work?

For online courses, you do not need to go anywhere. You can listen to the lectures from your home. On the other side, I’m giving a lecture from my home. For our communication, you can choose one of two options: Skype or software.

If you are familiar with Skype than our classes will not differ much from any Skype conversation you had so far. Skype supports screen and file sharing and that is all we need for our classes. is the other option. It is specialised distance learning software and gives a smoother experience than Skype. The image is clearer and crispier than with Skype and interaction is easier. But, if you are familiar with Skype it is perfectly fine with me.

Isn’t it the same as when watching tutorials on Youtube,, etc.?

No. This is direct communication. You can stop me at any time and ask of me to clarify what you feel you did not understand properly, to be more specific, or to use some example that suits you better. You cannot do that when watching tutorials.

With the tutorials that use some general examples, it is sometimes hard to see the way you can implement what you just learned into your own business. With the online course you just need to tell me what problem you need to solve, and my job is to help you do it.

What are the technical requirements for online courses?

  • Internet connection. But do not afraid, it is not necessary to have some high-speed connection. If your connection is sufficient for Skype conversation, it is sufficient for our classes.
  • Installed Adobe CS or Adobe CC applications. It is not mandatory, but rather a strong recommendation.
  • Installed Skype or


After completing the course you will receive Adobe Certificate of completion. This certificate is available only to students that complete training with some of Adobe authorised training partners (AATP) and is the same no matter what country/city you complete your training. This means it does not matter whether you completed your training in the USA, UK, Japan, Serbia or any other country, as far as training is delivered by some AATP. Here is a sample of the certificate:

Originalni Adobe sertifikat koji dobijaju polaznici Adobe autorizovanih kurseva kod Branka Jovanovića, Adobe Certified Instructor-a i Adobe Certified Expert-a, bilo da pohađaju klasični ili online kurs (e-learning)

One-on-One or group training

One-on-One training means that you are the only student. The advantage of this is obvious because we can adjust training pace, time and examples to meet your needs perfectly.

Group training means that you are not the only student but you are watching lectures together with some other people. The benefit of group training is that it will cost you less than One-on-One training.


For details on prices and payment methods, see our Pricelist page.

Still have some questions?

For all additional information feel free to contact us via Contact page, email or phone.

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